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to our second community drive free Azure Stack HCI Day online. Join us on the 22th and 23th  of September in a 20-hour journey through the new Microsoft Azure Stack HCI offering. We are in the middle of the planning and hope that you will be there! You will soon find all information about speakers and topics here or in our newsletter.

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Our speakers

Meet our speakers

Fabian Bruske

IT Consultant Datacenter Products

    Michael Wells

    Senior Principal Engineering Technologist, Microsoft Azure MVP, Dell Technologies

      Lisa Clark

      EMEA Azure Stack Business Development Strategist, Microsoft Azure MVP, Dell Technologies

        Rob Hindman

        Microsoft Senior Program Manager

          Andrew Hansen

          Microsoft Senior Program Manager Lead of the Storage and File Systems Team

            Christina Curlette

            Microsoft Program Manager in the Azure Host OS Hardware team

              Roy Sasabe

              Microsoft Senior Program Manager at Microsoft Azure CPE team

                David Schott

                Microsoft Program Manager

                  Alvin Morales

                  Microsoft Program Manager

                    George Guirguis

                    Microsoft Program Manager Core Networking Team

                      Prasidh Arora

                      Microsoft Program Manager Windows Admin Center

                        Sakib Nazmus

                        Microsoft Principal Lead Program Manager Enterprise & Security Team

                          Peyman Norouzi

                          Microsoft Product Manager Solution & Developer Experience

                            Jan-Tore Pedersen

                            Microsoft Cloud & Datacenter Management MVP

                              Trung Tran

                              Microsoft Program Manager for Admin Center

                                Mike Kostersitz

                                Microsoft Principal Program Manager

                                  Tina Wu

                                  Microsoft Program Manager

                                    Thomas Maurer

                                    Microsoft Senior Cloud Advocate

                                    Jaromir Kaspar

                                    Principal Engineering Technologist

                                    Dave Kawula

                                    Microsoft Cloud & Datacenter Management MVP

                                    Didier Van Hoye

                                    Microsoft Cloud & Datacenter Management MVP

                                    Manfred Helber

                                    Microsoft Cloud & Datacenter Management MVP

                                      Carsten Rachfahl

                                      Microsoft Cloud & Datacenter Management und Azure MVP

                                      Helmut Otto

                                      Microsoft Cloud & Datacenter Management MVP

                                        UDO WALBERER

                                        Lenovo Lead Engineer for Microsoft Solutions

                                          COSMOS DARWIN

                                          Microsoft Principal PM Lead for Azure Stack HCI strategy

                                          JASON YI

                                          Microsoft Program Manager

                                            DAN CUOMO

                                            Microsoft Senior Program Manager

                                              MATT MCSPIRIT

                                              Microsoft Senior Program Manager

                                              JEFF WOOLSEY

                                              Microsoft Principal Program Manager for Azure Stack HCI


                                                The scenario that many IT-Pros want but can’t implement with Storage Spaces Direct is a Stretched Cluster. Azure Stack HCI now gives us this possibility. Join Carsten when he explains the why the how and shares his notes from multiple Azure Stack HCI Stretched Cluster implementations.

                                                CARSTEN RACHFAHL

                                                In Windows Admin Center Microsoft provides a configuration wizard for configuring Azure Stack HCI. Join Manfred in his demo-driven session to see how this wizard works and how easy it is to configure Azure Stack HCI with Windows Admin Center.

                                                MANFRED HELBER

                                                SMB over QUIC is here! It is available in Windows Server 2022 Azure edition which runs on Azure and on Azure Stack HCI. In this session, I explain the why and how of SMB over QUIC in Windows Server 2022 Azure Edition. Next, I walk you through the setup and explain the benefits of configuring a KDC proxy for this use case. Finally, I provide you with links to an elaborate testing guide so you can try it out for yourself.

                                                DIDIER VAN HOYE

                                                In this session Microsoft MVPs from Dell Technologies will cover the differences between Validated Nodes and Integrated Systems for Azure Stack HCI and then dive in to what makes the Dell EMC Integrated System for Azure Stack HCI the choice for turning your Hybrid Cloud Dreams in to Reality. There will be hot off the press 15G announcements and a closer look at the OpenManage and Windows Admin Centre integration. A match made in heaven which delivers ridiculous efficiency in hardware management allowing customers to focus on Azure integration.

                                                DELL TECHNOLOGIES with LISA CLARK & MICHAEL WELLS

                                                Join this session for an overview of the Azure Stack HCI in 2021, 2022, and beyond.

                                                COSMOS DARWIN

                                                Are you an Azure Stack HCI Fan? Well this session is for you as Dave will show how you can actively protect both your Host Servers and VM’s with the extended security provided by Defender Security Center and Windows Defender Advanced Threat Protection for Servers

                                                DAVE KAWULA

                                                Network ATC is an intent-based way to deploy and manage your host networking configuration across the cluster. Come join Dan Cuomo and Trung Tran, Microsoft Program Managers, as they show how Network ATC reduces cluster deployment time to minutes, eliminates configuration drift, and increases stability of your Azure Stack HCI cluster. We’ll talk about what’s coming next for Network ATC including a never-before-seen demo with Windows Admin Center and will close out the session with a sneak-peek of what the Networking team is working on right now!

                                                DAN CUOMO & TRUNG TRAN

                                                In this session, we will look at how to implement Stretched Clusters with Azure Stack HCI on a live system of Fujitsu’s Integrated Systems offering. We’ll talk about requirements and the basic setup of a Stretched Cluster. After that, we want to take a closer look at the failover mechanism and how the system is behaving in the case of a disaster. Finally, experiences from the field are shared and we’ll talk about how Fujitsu can support customers in their Stretched Cluster journey.

                                                FUJITSU with FABIAN BRUSKE

                                                Join us for a deep dive and demos on new Storage Spaces Direct and ReFS features in Azure Stack HCI 21H2. Topics covered include Thin provisioning for Storage Spaces Direct, ReFS snapshots, and Adjustable repair speeds.

                                                TINA WU & ANDREW HANSEN

                                                GPUs provide incredible value to workloads, from AI/ML to high-performance computing and media processing, and much more! Join this session to learn more about GPUs with Azure Stack HCI 21H2 and new features that are coming soon

                                                ALVIN MORALES , PEYMAN NOROUZI & PRASIDH ARORA

                                                With the growing threat of cyber attacks, building and maintaining a secure posture of server infrastructure has never been more important.
                                                Learn the top 5 Server security threats and discover how Secured-core Server features built into the Azure Stack HCI 21H2 provide unparalleled protection to your on-premises infrastructure.

                                                SAKIB NAZMUS , ROY SASABE & PRASIDH ARORA
                                                13.00 – 14.00 CET | Jaromir Kasper
                                                Exploring new Azure Stack HCI 21H2 features with MSLab

                                                In this session you will learn about new 21H2 features and how to experiment with these features with MSLab. Unlike other sessions, this will demonstrate each feature functionality.

                                                JAROMIR KASPAR

                                                A short overview about the possibilities of Azure Stack HCI, especially in hybrid environments. A special highlight will be put on the administration with Windows Admin Center and the integration of Azure service. You should get an inside from Edge to Datacenter Environments.

                                                HELMUT OTTO

                                                For customers who want to simplify complex and distributed environments across on-premises, edge and multi-cloud, Azure Arc enables deployment of Azure services anywhere and extends Azure management to any infrastructure. In this session, Thomas Maurer will demonstrate the new Azure Arc capabilities for your Hybrid environment. This session includes an overview of the different features such as:
                                                – Multi and Hybrid Cloud Governance
                                                – Using Azure as a Control plane for Linux, Windows Server, Kubernetes cluster, SQL DBs
                                                Deploy Azure services such as Logic Apps, Web Apps, Azure SQL, and many more anywhere

                                                THOMAS MAURER

                                                Microsoft Azure Stack HCI is a new hyper-converged Operating System providing true hybrid cloud delivery to the edge and the datacenter, while also taking advantage of the Microsoft Azure Cloud.
                                                This Session will explain the capabilities of the Azure Stack HCI OS and how Lenovo is co-engineering our ThinkAgile MX with Microsoft to deliver Azure anywhere

                                                LENOVO with UDO WALBERER

                                                In this session, Jeff Woolsey will cover what’s new in Windows Server 2022 such as advanced multi-layer security, hybrid capabilities, application innovation, Azure innovation and more!

                                                JEFF WOOLSEY

                                                Learn how the new Azure Kubernetes Service on Azure Stack HCI provides a great platform to run your containerized apps on-premises. You’ll also discover how you can quickly and easily bring powerful Azure-native services like Azure data services and the Azure application services to your hybrid environments with Azure Arc, helping to meet your goals around compliance, data sovereignty, network latency and more!

                                                MATT MCSPIRIT

                                                In this session we will discuss how AKS-HCI is built, how the architecture works, and some of the philosophical motivations behind the design of AKS-HCI. We will also discuss some of the big technical challenges that we see ahead of us as we continue to push forward on delivering a container platform for the Hybrid world.

                                                MIKE KOSTERSITZ

                                                Get to know more about the exciting upcoming advancements with SDN – Integration with AKS-HCI, Simplified deployment with Windows Admin Center, Diagnostics, and more

                                                GEORGE GUIRGUIS & DAVID SCHOTT

                                                Many performance tools often reach the end of their lifespan. Fortunately, Microsoft still loves Azure Stack HCI performance, which is why DiskSpd and VMFleet are here to stay. With that said, today we are excited to bring you a long-awaited update – VMFleet 2.0

                                                JASON YI

                                                Kernel Soft Reboot (KSR) is an HCI-exclusive feature that enables you to update your HCI cluster in just seconds compared to minutes with a traditional reboot. In this session, you’ll learn more about how KSR makes reboots faster, how to run KSR on an HCI cluster, and what HCI hardware will support KSR.

                                                CHRISTINA CURLETTE & ROB HINDMAN


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